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What you seek is seeking you -Rumi

My Clients Struggle With:

Spiritual Integration:
  • I assist clients struggling with spiritual emergence/spiritual emergency who are unable to be understood by licensed psychologists and psychotherapists.  Integrating spiritual experiences and finding the path.

  • Ceremony: I offer ceremony as a way to work through various blocks.  Please inquire within. 

Life Transitions:
  • At various points in our life we meet transitions; new career choices, leaving a relationship, children leaving the house, puberty, menopause, becoming an adult!  The difficulties in life is moving one point in life to another.

    • Mothers:  Motherhood is difficult and rewarding path.  It can have some serious stress impact on your relationship with your partner, body, hormonal stability, finances, self-care, isolation and career.  A place is needed to find balance within the midst of raising children.

    • Teens/young adults:  Adolescents and teens face a lot of pressure to perform, family dynamics, school, ‘fitting in’, finding their way and peers.  They need guidance, strength and a safe place to be held. 

Relationship Resolution:
  • Together we work on healing relationship in whatever stage it is in: what we seek is real authentic connection.     

    • Workplace, friendship, family members, couples and children

    • Grieving of loved ones.

Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Suicide, Addiction, Abuse and Trauma.  

My services are most beneficial once the client has been stabilized. I add a psychospiritual transformative element to the work that licensed healthcare providers may not be trained in.  

About Me

My healing journey began 12 years ago.  I had an abusive boyfriend, abused substances, grew up in a turbulent household, had suicidal thoughts and attempts, I suffered from soul loss, felt extremely depressed, grieved deeply from the loss of close family members and eventually developed a severe eating disorder called bulimia nervosa. At the pinnacle of my eating disorder; it literally took over my life. I knew I needed help.  I could no longer live this way.

So, experiencing a lot of shame, I went to my family doctor and told her what was going on for me.  She connected me to a team of specialists including a psychologist and nutritionist to help me start to heal from my eating disorder. Slowly, my life began to shift.  I learnt what my triggers were and what helped curbed the urge to binge eat and purge.  This was the beginning of my healing journey. 

Removing myself from my home environment were initially remedies to my healing process. When I arrived in Thailand for 3 months; I felt deeply scared and alone yet strangely at home.  There I learnt and began to experiment with many different holistic healing modalities; yoga, meditation, ceremony, journalling, dance, steaming, colonics, counselling, plant spirit medicine and juice fasting.  I started to loosen my dreadful past more and more. I continued travelling and remaining curious to finding guides to show me the way few of whom were psychotherapists, yogis and gifted healers.

After much travelling, I decided it was time to put my life lessons to work and share it with others.  I started going to University to study Psychology. Along the way, I continued on my path in working with yoga, meditation, earth-centric spirituality, and visionary plant medicine ceremony as a means to cultivate a deep sense of connection to myself. I have continuously been learning the scientific and more mystical forms of healing.  Striving committed to this path, is what has led me to becoming a transpersonal counselling therapist which allows me to blend my spiritual awareness and practices with the practicalities of life. I am now a Mother, Wife, daughter, community enthusiast and dear friend.  And is ever passionately striving and learning on this path of healing arts.

Credentials, Training, Certifications:

  • Transpersonal Counselling Therapy, 2018 - 2021

  • Bachelor of Psychology, University British Columbia, 2013    

  • Initiated Shamanic Priestess, Red Moon Pathways, 2016 - 2020

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Bernie Clark,2015                   

  • Vinyasa Yoga Training, Clara Roberts-Os, 2015                            

  • Birth Doula, Wild Woman Birth Doula, 2013                                

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, International Yoga Alliance, 2012

My Approach
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